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South Asia’s First “Under Water Tunnel Aquarium”

Opening of Underwater Tunnel

South Asia’s first under water tunnel aquarium at Water World Kelaniya was ceremonially opened by the Economic development Minister Hon. Basil Rajapaksha.

Economic development Deputy Minister Hon. Susantha Punchinilame, Disaster Management Deputy Minister Hon. Dulip wijesekera, Western Provincial Council Minister Hon. Nimal Lansa, Pradeshiya sabha Chairman Ananda Ganepola and other Pradeshiya sabha members also participated in the opening ceremony.

Welcome to the first “Under Water Tunnel Aquarium” in South Asia. Immerse yourself in the breathtakingly beautiful under water life and witness the dramatic life styles of hundreds of sea creatures.

Sri Lankan Underwater Tunnel
The Size of the Sri Lankan Tunnel
  • Length of the tunnel: 30 feet
  • Total length of the tank: 47 feet
  • Width of the tank: 37 feet
  • Depth of water: 9 feet
  • Water capacity: 240,000 litres
How was it built?
  • Time taken for planning: 3 years
  • Time taken for construction: 13 months
Under Water Tunnel Construction
Countries involved in the construction
  • Japan - Production of panels (Tunnel) and fixing
  • America (USA) - Technical support / equipments
  • New Zealand - Technical support
  • Canada - Construction materials
  • Thailand - Construction materials
  • Taiwan - Equipment
  • Singapore - Equipment
Acrylic panel
The “Acrylic Panel”

The tunnel is constructed using curved thick acrylic panels. These were manufactured and moulded in Japan. There are 3 panels which measures 10 feet each. The panels are specially designed to withstand enormous pressure and can handle 3 times the load it is having now. The clarity and the strength in “Acrylic” are very much higher than “Glass”. It is said that the Acrylic is 5 - 10 times stronger than glass of the same thickness.

Christina Arasmo
Fish for the Tunnel

The fish was brought from: Moratuwa, Dehiwala, Negombo, Galle, Matara, Trincomalee, Batticaloa
The fish was collected over a period of 15 months and was conditioned at Water World before putting for display.

Tunnel Water
Water for the Tunnel

All 240,000 litres of sea water is pumped from the sea from an unpolluted location, 25 km away from Kelaniya. The water is then transported to Water World in trucks.

Sri Lankans Underwater Tunnel
Importance to Sri Lankans

Until now Sri Lankans had to travel at least to Singapore to see an “Under Water Tunnel”. The opportunity was restricted only to a few who could afford to travel to other countries. Through this project, all Sri Lankans will now be able to experience the miracle of the underwater tunnel.

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