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School and Pre - School Educational Visits

Water World is the only facility in the country that houses the most extensive collection of aquatic life. As such, it has become a highly valued destination for educational trips at primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

School Children Visits


A fundamental part of Water World’s mission is to offer memorable learning experiences to all visitors, young and old alike.

In an era where our most wondrous natural treasures are threatened, we believe that conservation can only be achieved through education.

Towards accomplishing this goal we have designed over 300 information boards containing comprehensive descriptions of all 500 species of fauna and flora on display.

Further, Water World is the only place in Sri Lanka that showcases scientifically important species featured in the university, A/L & O/L curriculums.

In addition, we provide interactive learning experiences for pre-school and young school children via concepts such as the “Touch Pool” and hand feeding of fish.

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