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Bird Park Sri Lanka - First Bird Park in the Island

 Welcome to the first Bird Park in Sri Lanka, home to a breathtakingly splendid collection of feathered friends from regions around the world such as the Amazon rain forest in South America, Tropical Asia, Australia and Africa.

Our colourful range of birds on public display includes the largest species collection of exotic parrots in the country. Visit us to interact with some of the most intelligent, precocious, rare and magnificently multi-hued members of the parrot family. The Bird Park is also the only public facility in Sri Lanka where you can experience the magic of the rainforest “Lories”.

The rare and exotic species of birds showcased at Bird Park includes 7 species of macaws, 13 species of lories, 15 species of conure and 8 species of cockatoo.

Our collection of birds are housed in spacious enclosures designed with the objective of recreating an environment that closely resembles the natural habitat, thus, the Bird Park is the one facility in Sri Lanka where you will enjoy the unforgettable experience of observing the splendor of the winged marvels of nature in their true element and full glory.

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